Month: July 2015

Trail Running and the Art of Escaping


Going to run, that toad that at one time had to swallow those who wanted to burn calories and improve arteries, has become an exciting and fun sport for everyone.

The TMX International Business group was one of those who found the missing spin by organizing trail running competitions or off road events, which consist of running through different types of mountainous terrain that mix adventure and landscaping.

The idea emerged 10 years ago as a corporate event and resulted in a phenomenon that continues to grow.Gestation. Mariano lvarez, Sergio Ochoa and Pablo Rodrguez Genta come from experiences as intense as consulting, marketing and advertising.

In 2004 they had the idea of associating and proposing the organization of a fun and exciting event to celebrate the centenary of Banco Galicia in the country. The managers were interested in the proposal that was made a year later with the first Team Marathon by Team Marathon X, company created for this purpose. The success was such that the race was continued for eight more years and society began to grow in the field.

Today, the professionalised TMX International Sport Business already organizes asphalt races as recognized as the 5 km women of Mc Donalds, the 10 km of Lanpass, the Global Energy Race of Bimbo and Disney Magic Run, that in the next 24 months will be made in 10 cities of the American continent.

However, the strength of the company is the off road segment or Trail Running, which consists of running through different types of mountainous terrain that vary in width, slope and type of ground. The circuits include gravel roads, crossing frozen waters, passing wires and rail bridges, among many other difficulties.

“We feel like a company dedicated to entertainment,” says the director, Mariano lvarez. “That’s why the spectrum of our customers is much broader than that of marathon runners.” People of all ages and regions are noted. 60% of the enrolled are men and the average age is between 35 and 45 years old. Many young people are also noted.

lvarez says that the growth of the female audience in running is one of the strongest trends. In fact, women are already the majority in the races of up to 10 km and they represent 40% of the races of 21 km, when until very recently they were only half.

Options. TMX carries out three competitions in the trail running segment:

1. Origin: 3 days race in Villa La Angostura, Neuqun, with two intermediate camps where the organization deals with everything (equipment, food, transfers, etc.) all-inclusive “of the trail run.You can run at distances of 50 or 100 km.The 2014 and 2015 editions have already been made. Next year will be during Easter.

2. Indomit: lasts two days and there are races of 12, 21, 50, 80 and 100 km. The first edition was made in Brazil in 2014 and there are already 3 more races scheduled for the next year and a half. One in Mendoza, another in Isla Margarita and the second Brazilian edition, to be held in November.

3. Patagonia Run Mountain Hardwear: is made once a year in San Martin de los Andes. It includes 6 different races in one that run the same day and range from 10 to 130 km. It is non stop, although a limit of 28 hours is set. While the former are receiving prizes within 24 hours of the start, the latter are just reaching the finish line. The last edition involved 3,000 people from 25 countries and 300 to 500 people were employed for the organization.

For the tourism manager of San Martn, Salvador Vellido, this race “It is a joint work between the public and the private that generates work, consumption and advertising”. In fact, the same organizers offered tourist packages that included lodging, transfers and discounts. In the 2015 edition, it is estimated that each visitor had an average expenditure of 4,000 pesos, reason why the city would have collected about 25 million.


The races are financed by the inscriptions and the sponsors. The prices depend on the length of the competition and the benefits that are offered to the participants. “We were innovative in many aspects like production, structures, the presence of live DJs, the use of screens and cutting-edge technologies for filming, security,” says the director of TMX. The company introduced the concept of “cardio-protected race,” which consists of doctors who ride a motorcycle on the road carrying a backpack with an automatic defibrillator.

In addition, the riders are required a medical aptitude for the registration of all distances, the evaluation of the sports curriculum for the greater distance, attendance to the technical talk prior to the start and basic elements of survival, such as whistle and frontal light . The idea is for the participant to be prepared mentally for the challenge. The dropout rate is low, between 2 and 3%.

During the competition, there are posts with hot and cold drinks, fruits, alfajores, empanadas and candies, among other things. There is also medical assistance, wardrobe system, rescuers every 6 kilometers and bandilleros every 2 or 3 km. The races are not suspended by rain, frost or snow. Only in case of thunderstorms or when there is danger to the runners.

The circuits are studied previously by specialists who are advised with settlers. “It is not a random path, it has a sense,” says the technical director of the last Patagonia Run, Dr. Marcelo Parada, “The idea is that participants, besides running, know different landscapes, terrain and difficulties during the competition” .

The public has become very demanding and values the organizational quality without sparing in expenses. In the last decade, this type of events has not stopped growing in quantity of brokers and suppliers. For lvarez, the phenomenon of the trail run “is not a fashion, it is a trend that does not go back. The mountain, they say, is a way out.