Month: November 2016

After winning 650 million dollars – King Boxer Floyd Mayweather gets retired


I have had boxing gloves since before I can walk and I’ve been to gyms all my life, “says boxer Floyd Mayweather. The phrase describes its history and a lifestyle chosen to reach the highest and fulfill all that was proposed.

It’s not easy being number one and he did it. It remains open the discussion on whether his boxing figure is among the best in history.

Surely his villain role will deprive him of being on that podium, but it can not be denied that Floyd marked a time and will be remembered by the pugilistic world.

Of a particular style, for some moderate, for others of a superior intelligence, in its last disputes aroused some controversies. For Osvaldo Prncipi the best of Maywather has already been seen and will not be repeated: “His last great job was against Canelo lvarez. Then Maidana’s second fight, Pacquiao’s and Berto’s, became overly conservative. The best is gone and without fail, “he explains to NEWS.

Ernesto Cherquis Bialo, current president of the Union of Journalists of Boxing of the Argentine Republic (UPERBOX) defines him as a measured boxer: “he expected to attack him, studied the opponent and then launched his counterattack.”

The best He faced all of them, he lacked none: Canadian Arturo Gatti, Oscar de la Hoya, Mexican Juan Manuel Mrquez, Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto and Sal “Canelo” lvarez. He also had two contests with Marcos Rene “the Chinese” Maidana and he fought the Filipino Manny Pacquiao, in the papers the only one that could get him undefeated. No one was able to figure out, he beat them all and he fought in 49 fights and 26 KOs, matching the record of the historic Rocky Marciano.

For Cherquis Bialo, Floyd is an extraordinary boxer who is among the top ten in history: “He does not have the imprint of Cassius Clay, the speed of Sugar Ray Leonard, the combative spirit of Marvin Hagler, the coldness of Monzon or the quality of Thomas Hearns. But in the sixth place he could calmly be. ”
Principle puts it a little further: “There were supreme quality pundits such as Sugar Ray Leonard, Henry Armstrong, Willie Pep, Robert” Stone Hand “Duran, Thomas Hearns and Muhammed Ali.

Only in the next lot does he appear. ” Mayweather was champion in five different categories: super featherweight, lightweight, super lightweight, welterweight and superwelter at the World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Council (WBC) and International Boxing Federation (IBF). In his early days as an amateur he reached a record of 84-6 and was a semifinalist at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. “Very few boxers manage to move from one category to another undeniably winning all their bouts. Mayweather went from 57kg to 68kg “complete Principle.

Money. Floyd marked a trend thanks to his professional performances and did not stop bursting the box office. It is estimated that throughout his career earned more than 650 million dollars which makes him the best paid athlete of all time.

The fight with Manny Pacquiao is the biggest moneymaker in boxing history with a top $ 75 million box office and more than $ 300 million per Pay Per View ($ 100 per household) in the US alone , Puerto Rico and Canada. In total the fight generated 600 million of which were distributed 60% for Floyd and 40% for Manny. For 36 minutes of combat, Money took $ 235 million.

The second highest bout in the boxing world was also Mayweather but against Mexican Saul Canelo Alvarez in 2013 which raised $ 20 million in ticket sales and $ 150 million in PPV in the US alone. In the third location follows Floyd against Oscar de la Hoya where he was left with the WBC super welterweight title, the proceeds amounted to 18.4 million in innings and 136 million in PPV.

If you take into account the last bouts of number one, Floyd raised: with Shane Mosley 30 million dollars, with Robert Guerrero 50 million, two with Marcos Maidana 72 million, with Oscar de la Hoya 25 million, with Ricky Hatton 25 million , with Marquez 25 million, with Victor Ortiz 40 million, with Miguel Cotto 45 million and with Canelo Alvarez 75 million. The big disappointment was his last fight against Andre Berto, which was only sold to 550,000 houses.

The “Chino” Maidana was not the only Argentine who knew the fists of Mayweather. Gustavo Cuello faced him in 1998, Carlos R?os in 1999 and Carlos “Tata” Baldomir on November 4, 2006 where they sought the unification of the titles of the FIB and the WBC. The American took both belts by winning unanimously after the twelve rounds.

After these nine years that have passed the fight and I see the opponent that confronts me, it fills me with pride to have fought with one of the best boxers in history. Floyd is invincible, no matter how well prepared you are, you could beat him. I trained some time at his side and then I realized why he was a champion. You have to see it to believe it “, confesses to NEWS Baldomir, former world champion.

But Mayweather’s life was not always rosy, he had a tough childhood in Michigan with a heroin-addicted mother, an aunt who died from an overdose, and a National Champion father who had to withdraw for sarcoidosis to the lung. Years later Floyd’s father would serve a three-year sentence for selling cocaine.

His uncle Roger “Mamba Negra” was world champion between 1990 and 1980. He and his brother were in charge of training for much of his career to Money.

Floyd returned to jail in 2012 when he was sentenced to three months for beating his ex-wife Josie Harris in front of their three children: Koraun, Zion and Jirah. He also had a daughter with Melissia Brim, Iyanna.
Mayweather for the moment lowered the shade. For his career and performance throughout his career will become a paradigm for future generations who will try to imitate him professionally to become the new number one. For now, your place is vacant.