Month: April 2017

1000 Miles Sport – a Rally in Paradise


Not everything changes. What is already a classic will continue and will not change. The race of the 1000 Sport Mills of the Argentine Republic became a tradition for auto collectors and is the most important in South America. From the 25th to the 29th of November this event was held since 1989 and is organized by the Sport Automobile Club (CAS). This is the last stage of the Argentinian Sport Historical Championship made by the Automobile Club Argentino (ACA).

Career. In total there are 156 binomials of thirty different brands that must cover 1,600 kilometers of the most beautiful landscapes of the Argentine south. The first part begins at the Llao Llao Hotel in San Carlos de Bariloche, passing through San Martin de los Andes, Seven Lakes Road to Villa La Angostura with the return. The second route goes back to La Angostura, then crosses the Chilean side about 60 kilometers to Puyehue, with the return. The third and final stage is until El Bolsn with the return.

Every year the route is usually the same, some places can be modified but always well paved roads are sought so that historical vehicles can travel the route without any inconvenience.

The important thing is not speed, but regularity. How is this? It is what is called certainty of passage. The competitors must pass 86 tests where the goal is not to be the fastest, but to know how to calculate the time that is given to carry a constant march – without stopping the car – and arrive with the least possible difference to the agreed. The margins of difference that usually have the competitors that are in the first positions are three or four hundredth of a second. The calculation should be almost accurate.

In order to participate the riders must have a special card issued by the International Federation of Old Vehicles (FIVA) certifying that the car is one hundred percent original factory, and was not modified in any of its parts. In many cases, the major automotive museums in the world such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Porsche among others, contributed their cars so that they can compete the collectors.

The Thousand Mile Sport of the Argentine Republic is one of the historical Sport car tests, which values the originality of the cars involved. The historic Sport car in general, does not have many items of luxury or comfort, but the pleasure of handling it as it was thought by its manufacturer, is what prevails, “says Diego Gutirrez Egua, president of CAS.

The Argentino Sport Championship is also made up of: the Rode de las Bodegas in Mendoza, where the main vineyards of the Argentine province are visited; Rally of the West Porsche, Rally of Winter and the Rally of the Sheep in Buenos Aires; the Rally de la Montaa in Crdoba; the Rally Interclubes that goes by Ezeiza and Cauelas; and the pre-1,000-mile Rally that takes place a few weeks before closing, where the pilots are set to finally go to Bariloche.

Also defined is the Triple Crown that is celebrating its 10th edition. It will be won by the one who has achieved the best performance between this race, plus the Rally de las Bodegas and Rally de la Montaa.

Corridors. This competition has a great international prestige, that is why pilots of other countries participate: of Uruguay aboard a Chevrolet Corvette of 1956; of Poland handling an Aston Martin 15/98 of 1937; three Italian couples competing with a Jaguar XK 140 from 1956, a Fiat Osca 1500 from 1959 and a Porsche 911 from 1973; of Germany will be Peter Englschall who will be the co-pilot of Conrado Wittstatt, general manager of Audi and participate in a Audi Quattro of 1983; Switzerland and the United States.

The maximum winner of this tournament is Juan Tonconogy with five wins and it was who stayed with the last edition in 2014.

There are many entrepreneurs who participate in the 1.000 Sport Miles: the former financier of the Plaza de Mayo Mothers Foundation Fernando Caparros along with Walter Cavagliato who are above an Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider of 1960; the steelmaker Maximo Baccanelli and Paula Baccanelli who will compete in the oldest car, a Bentley 3 liters of 1924, self remembered for winning the 24 hours of Le Mans and be considered the fastest car in the world in the twenties. Pharmaceutical entrepreneur Alejandro Roemmers will try to keep first place in a 1972 BMW 3.0 CSI.

Another runner who stands out is Juan Manuel Fangio, nephew of the eternal quintupled Formula One world champion, along with Patricia Gonzalez, who is on top of a Porsche 356 C of 1965. He will also have his journalism representative, on the one hand will be Mario Markic, driver of the program “En el Camino”, and on the other Matas Antico of TN Autos.

The 1000 Sport Mile is starting to organize since March as more than 350 people participate between runners and companions. It is the most important since it is the one that closes the competition of the year. Much of the proceeds from this event go to the Food Bank, the same goes for a school or foundation in Bariloche, Roby Cesar, organizer of the event and member of the CAS, explains to NEWS.