Month: August 2017

Renewal time in national teams


Every golden age has a beginning and an end. The time comes when one must re-plant and then reap. In these stages do not usually get immediate results, but with a good job, the reward can arrive earlier than expected. In women’s hockey, rugby and basketball the spare came, in some more gradually than others. With the last presentations of these sets, the fears of losing the prestige or the spirit of the equipment were far away.

Hockey. The Lionesses have the greatest renovation in years. Many hierarchy players have already put the celestial and white t-shirt in the drawer forever, some of them did after the 2014 Champion Trophy played in Mendoza as Rosario Luchetti, Mariela Scarone, Silvina D’Elia, and the best of all eras, Luciana Aymar – the former World Cup stadium already bears its name – among others.

In addition since Anbal Fernandez is in command of the Argentine Confederation of Hockey, the technicians paraded by the bank of Las Leonas. The last victim was Santiago Capurro, who after losing the final to the United States in the Pan American Games in Toronto, added to the little feeling he had with the group, fired him. He returned Gabriel Minadeo – fourth DT in 19 months – who was always present when calling the players and arm the team. With him came the successes.

At this stage had to grow in the technical, physical and especially in the group. The Lionesses wanted to win back important things. The desire was, and that was the main essence for the selection to win the World League played recently in Rosario. The most experienced players like Carla Rebecchi, Beln Succi or Noel Barrionuevo, began to play a leading role to teach them and include the younger girls in the team.

In every team it is important to have a good balance between the players in the hierarchy, those who already have a bit of experience and the smallest ones are those that give new blood to the team and even fun. And in the end it is a wheel that is being fed. The ones taught today were the girls when I was in 2004, “DT Minadeo told NEWS.

The technician today thinks about a different approach. No longer is the backpack in a single player, as it was with Aymar, where he expected a gambeta or a play that only she could achieve. Now the responsibility is the team in general.

There are many things to improve, but those results give you hope for the Olympic Games,” says Minadeo who returned to straighten the ship and recover the memory, which was lost for a short period but seems to have returned so that Argentina remains among the best teams in the world and arrive in the best way to Rio 2016.

Rugby. The future was black. After a stage where they achieved the best results in history in a sport that was unknown to the public and had managed to fall in love with several, it reached a new period where it was necessary to renew their faces. That was why Daniel Hourcade was chosen as DT, who took command after bad performances of the selection and a group that was cracked after the abrupt exit of the previous technician, Santiago Phelan.

This renewal was aided by other factors: the High Performance Plan (Pladar), the Rugby Championship and the Pampas XV, with their performances in the Vodacom Cup and then in the Pacific Rugby Cup. is going to increase more with the income of the UAR with the Jaguars, to the most important equipment tournament of the southern hemisphere, the Super Rugby.

One of the most significant changes in this transformation was the change of captain that Hourcade decided in mid-2014. Juan Martin Lobbe would leave the command to Agustn Creevy, today great referent of these cougars. “There is always a leader within the group. What we were looking for is that it is more horizontal than vertical and that its personality, its way of being is of great contribution to the team. I knew Creevy very well and it was what I wanted for the Pumas, “he explains to NEWS Hourcade, DT of the national team.
The results were expected, the fourth place in the Rugby World Cup this year, along with the large number of debutantes in the maximum tournament as Pablo Matera, Santiago Cordero, Joaqun Tuculet and Tom’s Cubelli, among others mark a promising future for Los Pumas.

Basketball. Perhaps the one that has the most difficult task is Sergio Hernandez, DT of the Argentine team and Pearol of Mar del Plata. His job is to modernize the Golden Generation finished after the 2014 World Cup in Spain and try to replace players who retired that year as: Walter Herrmann, Pablo Prigioni and the other members of the best time as Fabricio Oberto, Pepe Snchez, Carlos Delfino and the most notorious absence, that of Emanuel Ginbili who does not play with the sky and white since the Olympic Games in London in 2012. Although Hernandez’s dream is that he is in Rio.

With Andrs Nocioni and Luis Scola as leaders, the coach seeks to strengthen the team with future bastions such as the bases: Facundo Campazzo or Nicols Laprovittola – son of Margarita Stolbizer -, added to the new boys who have the golden DNA: pivots Tayavek Gallizi and Marcos Delia, the wing Gabriel Deck or the escort Nicols Brussino.

The last results showed an acceptable performance in the pre-Olympic where they achieved the silver medal when losing the final against Venezuela.
Also to be seen is the future in the Confederation of basketball where Federico Susbielles – current auditor of the CABB from 2014 after replacing Germn Vaccaro, suspected of having committed some financial irregularities – could stay with the position.