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Dakar 2017 – The most Dangerous Rally


When someone hears or reads “Dakar”, he is likely to associate him with a very difficult race, or he relates to a capital of an African country, without remembering well that it is Senegal. This is the trademark that managed to capture the most important and dangerous rally in the world.

It is the first major sporting event of the year, in its thirty-eighth version of the competition, the eighth time it takes place on Argentine soil where competitors will travel 9300 kilometers. A real challenge. Career. For this edition the route will be divided between Argentina and Bolivia.

First are the technical verification’s of the vehicles, on December 31. On January 2, the participants will pass through the podium located in Tecnpolis, and from the 3rd begins the race that will take place in ten Argentine provinces: Buenos Aires, Cordoba (Villa Carlos Paz), Santiago del Estero (Termas de Rio Hondo), Jujuy . From there it will pass to Bolivia (Uyuni), then return to the country for: Salta, Tucumn, Catamarca (Beln), La Rioja, San Juan and will close in Santa Fe (Rosario), on January 16.

As usual, pilots will have to go through different reliefs with changes in temperatures – ranging between 4 and 45 degrees – and on surfaces that can go from the mountains to deserts, dunes or salinas. In Bolivia the runners will be at 4600 meters above sea level. The cold can also be a factor: in 2015 the route of Uyuni was carried out with rains and strong winds and reached 8 degrees below zero.

Sorting these factors is a challenge and the error can even cost a living. Not for nothing the Dakar gained the reputation of being the most dangerous competition of all. In 36 years of history there were 63 deaths, 24 were pilots and co-pilots, the rest are completed by spectators, helpers or journalists. The curious fact is that the creator of the Paris-Dakar also died while a competition was held when crashing with his helicopter in Mali in 1986.

This edition involves 556 pilots of sixty nationalities divided into: 110 cars, 143 bikes, 46 quadricycles and 55 trucks. Argentina is the third country with the most participants (13.8%), surpassed by France (15.5%) and the Netherlands (14.4%). The economic impact of the 2016 Dakar will be 150 million euros.

Due to the high costs, this race is not for everyone. For example, running on a motorcycle, plus assistance, but without the help of a team that accompanies it – marathon mode – can cost about $ 80,000. Another point to consider is the preparation of each competitor: they train double shift since March, with dedication full time.

This year there will be innovations that privilege on the one hand regularity and resistance and on the other, the ability to navigate. With an unpublished start format that will be experienced in the super special Fiambal. Based on the times recorded the previous day, the 10 best bikes, the 10 best cars and the 5 fastest trucks will start mixed, with three minutes apart. That will force the first cars to open the track almost without footprints, which will give more importance to the sailors.

Challenge. Motorcycles and quadricycles are the most dangerous, as the riders are exposed. This time there will be neither the Spanish Marc Coma – who now is in charge of the sport organization of the Dakar – nor the Frenchman Cyril Despres, winners of the last twelve editions.

One of the candidates to be among the first places is the Argentine Javier Pizzolito who is part of Honda and will run with a modified CRF 450 that received 40 days before the race. “Compete in the Dakar is to touch the top. Once you reach the goal you know that you reach the most difficult motor objective that exists, “he tells NEWS the rider, who will seek to improve his eighth position achieved in 2013. He adds:” The Dakar you have to respect, if you fear it time to get down because fear paralyzes you and exposes you to many dangers. ”

Pablo Pascual is the Argentine driver that more Dakar ran. He does not do it for a team, but competes in a particular way. This brings you some disadvantages. His motorcycle was prepared and brought by boat from France, because during these years he could not enter the spare parts to the country and just has two days before competing.

In the Dakar no one is exempt from anything, there are very dangerous parts where fatigue and physical exhaustion come together. Pascual tells NEWS, who is part of the Crossing for Education and in 2014 traveled 3100 kilometers to bring more than 60 thousand letters of children to Pope Francisco.

In quadricycles the good news is the return, after some years of absence, of Marcos Patronelli, winner in 2010 and 2013; and his brother Alejandro, winner in 2011 and 2012. With the cars the candidates are the MINI riders who stayed with the last four editions. The last was the billionaire Nasser Al-Attiyah, two-time rally champion, part of one of the wealthiest families in Qatar and even has an Olympic medal in another discipline totally different, clay pigeon shooting.

With that sport, participated in five Olympic Games and in London 2012 was left with the bronze medal. In the same team is the Argentine Orly Terranova, who won the fifth place in two editions. He is also part of the MINI team, Nazareno Cristbal Lpez, the son of the Kirchner businessman.

Another that will seek to finish among the top positions is the TC rider, Emiliano Spataro with a Renault Duster, enlisted and improved in South Africa. The novelty will be with the participation of Sbastien Loeb, nine times World Rally Champion (WRC).

In the trucks the first place finishers are always the Russian teams, who since 2000 dominate the category with 12 competitions remaining.


Renewal time in national teams


Every golden age has a beginning and an end. The time comes when one must re-plant and then reap. In these stages do not usually get immediate results, but with a good job, the reward can arrive earlier than expected. In women’s hockey, rugby and basketball the spare came, in some more gradually than others. With the last presentations of these sets, the fears of losing the prestige or the spirit of the equipment were far away.

Hockey. The Lionesses have the greatest renovation in years. Many hierarchy players have already put the celestial and white t-shirt in the drawer forever, some of them did after the 2014 Champion Trophy played in Mendoza as Rosario Luchetti, Mariela Scarone, Silvina D’Elia, and the best of all eras, Luciana Aymar – the former World Cup stadium already bears its name – among others.

In addition since Anbal Fernandez is in command of the Argentine Confederation of Hockey, the technicians paraded by the bank of Las Leonas. The last victim was Santiago Capurro, who after losing the final to the United States in the Pan American Games in Toronto, added to the little feeling he had with the group, fired him. He returned Gabriel Minadeo – fourth DT in 19 months – who was always present when calling the players and arm the team. With him came the successes.

At this stage had to grow in the technical, physical and especially in the group. The Lionesses wanted to win back important things. The desire was, and that was the main essence for the selection to win the World League played recently in Rosario. The most experienced players like Carla Rebecchi, Beln Succi or Noel Barrionuevo, began to play a leading role to teach them and include the younger girls in the team.

In every team it is important to have a good balance between the players in the hierarchy, those who already have a bit of experience and the smallest ones are those that give new blood to the team and even fun. And in the end it is a wheel that is being fed. The ones taught today were the girls when I was in 2004, “DT Minadeo told NEWS.

The technician today thinks about a different approach. No longer is the backpack in a single player, as it was with Aymar, where he expected a gambeta or a play that only she could achieve. Now the responsibility is the team in general.

There are many things to improve, but those results give you hope for the Olympic Games,” says Minadeo who returned to straighten the ship and recover the memory, which was lost for a short period but seems to have returned so that Argentina remains among the best teams in the world and arrive in the best way to Rio 2016.

Rugby. The future was black. After a stage where they achieved the best results in history in a sport that was unknown to the public and had managed to fall in love with several, it reached a new period where it was necessary to renew their faces. That was why Daniel Hourcade was chosen as DT, who took command after bad performances of the selection and a group that was cracked after the abrupt exit of the previous technician, Santiago Phelan.

This renewal was aided by other factors: the High Performance Plan (Pladar), the Rugby Championship and the Pampas XV, with their performances in the Vodacom Cup and then in the Pacific Rugby Cup. is going to increase more with the income of the UAR with the Jaguars, to the most important equipment tournament of the southern hemisphere, the Super Rugby.

One of the most significant changes in this transformation was the change of captain that Hourcade decided in mid-2014. Juan Martin Lobbe would leave the command to Agustn Creevy, today great referent of these cougars. “There is always a leader within the group. What we were looking for is that it is more horizontal than vertical and that its personality, its way of being is of great contribution to the team. I knew Creevy very well and it was what I wanted for the Pumas, “he explains to NEWS Hourcade, DT of the national team.
The results were expected, the fourth place in the Rugby World Cup this year, along with the large number of debutantes in the maximum tournament as Pablo Matera, Santiago Cordero, Joaqun Tuculet and Tom’s Cubelli, among others mark a promising future for Los Pumas.

Basketball. Perhaps the one that has the most difficult task is Sergio Hernandez, DT of the Argentine team and Pearol of Mar del Plata. His job is to modernize the Golden Generation finished after the 2014 World Cup in Spain and try to replace players who retired that year as: Walter Herrmann, Pablo Prigioni and the other members of the best time as Fabricio Oberto, Pepe Snchez, Carlos Delfino and the most notorious absence, that of Emanuel Ginbili who does not play with the sky and white since the Olympic Games in London in 2012. Although Hernandez’s dream is that he is in Rio.

With Andrs Nocioni and Luis Scola as leaders, the coach seeks to strengthen the team with future bastions such as the bases: Facundo Campazzo or Nicols Laprovittola – son of Margarita Stolbizer -, added to the new boys who have the golden DNA: pivots Tayavek Gallizi and Marcos Delia, the wing Gabriel Deck or the escort Nicols Brussino.

The last results showed an acceptable performance in the pre-Olympic where they achieved the silver medal when losing the final against Venezuela.
Also to be seen is the future in the Confederation of basketball where Federico Susbielles – current auditor of the CABB from 2014 after replacing Germn Vaccaro, suspected of having committed some financial irregularities – could stay with the position.


Duck the Fight against Oblivion


Discipline sucks to prove that it is still alive and in these days a great opportunity arises, because the final of the most important tournament of the year is played and the visibility increases: it is the moment in which the duck stands up. It is not the Donald Duck, that mentioned days before the former president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, is the duck, the national sport.

In summary: “Four to four, on horseback, are played on courts that are from 180 to 220 meters long by 80 to 110 meters wide, times are 4 or 6 periods of eight minutes, and goals must be converted into hoops of one meter in diameter and one and a half meters high, “sums up NEWS Gustavo Lauzan, president of the Argentine Federation of Pato located in the microcenter of Buenos Aires.

And complete: “A game never ends in a draw, if they are even in regular time there is a golden goal and obviously wins the one that makes more.” Some basic rules for this discipline are, for example, that the duck is passed only with the right hand, moves with the extended arm being “offered” to the rival and this can steal it in a kind of belt, if not, infringement is charged.

The Argentine Open is the most important tournament and on December 20 the final of the 74th edition is played in the Argentine Polo Field. Undoubtedly this is the most important event of the discipline. It is also for players because the maximum prize is to be there, play in front of the cameras and before almost 5,000 people.

The Federation, in addition, has other National tournaments that are developed during the year and each has its importance: “Novice” is the first of the season, “Stimulus” is the one that follows, “Remonta and Veterinary” is another contest that is already giving more goals to several players and the “Copa Recuerdo” that is giving rise to the Argentine Open.

The best. Unlike the “Hndicap” of the pole, here are “so many” or “goals” that give the assessment to each player for his performance throughout the year. The overseers are the ones who decide that, they meet 3 times a year, one at the beginning and another in the middle to determine a raise of goals, the other is at the end of the year and apart from the raise, there are also low of so many depending on the performance of each patero.

At present there are four “10”, the best: Nicols Taberna, Facundo Taberna, Ariel Tapia and Juan Ignacio Lanfranco. But there is someone even more outstanding, since the national sport is given the particularity of having Martn Salaberry as the person who won the most silver Olympics in his discipline with a total of 10.

Beyond time, other two glories of this discipline were Ruben Liborio Cosentino and Osvaldo “little thing” Inchauspe who is the most open Duck won in history.
The sport is played in several places of the country, but especially in the Province of Buenos Aires; General Las Heras is considered the Capital of the duck since it was the place where the first field of the country was. Chivilcoy, Saladillo, Bolivar, Henderson, Parchment, Arrecifes, among others, are some of the cities where it is also practiced. Traveling to the interior of the country you can see Pato in Tucumn, La Pampa, Misiones, Chaco, Salta and Jujuy.

In the south of the country there is no competition due to cold, soil, inclement weather and other factors that do not favor practice. Internationally it is developed in countries like France and Portugal, but the unique peculiarity is that is denominated Horseball. The rules are similar, but differ in basic things like for example in the “offered”.

As in other sports, the Duck is no exception in terms of problems with referees. There are two on the playing field and one who sees the game from outside and has the last word. It is a discipline with a lot of interpretation when it comes to collecting, which leads to differences of criteria.

National sport. “We would love to have more diffusion since it is the National Sport” says Lauzan. According to estimates, the lack of attention is due to the fact that the activity was always developed in fields and is amateur. Many people do not know it and they are amazed when they see an exhibition as it is done every year, for example, the Rural Exhibition. There are few television channels that broadcast it: Amrica Sports has the “Pato de Primera” program on the air every Thursday at 9.30 pm and the ESPN signal is in charge of the live broadcast of the final of the Open.

The duck is the national sport since 1953, when the president was Juan Domingo Pern. It was the 16 of September of that year when the decision was promulgated, as it marks it the decree number 17,468 signed by the first president. The pearl of color was given by Peron himself. In addition to being the only president in history to witness a game of duck, when he attended the final of one of the Open played in those years, demanded a particularity to attend. As a condition, he asked to have 10 goals scored, even if he had never played a single minute.

At present, the sport tries to stand up, although the economic support does not abound, hardly there are contributions of the national State and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires through subsidies. Another income is that of the players themselves who pay the inscriptions and per game played. On top of that, in 2015 there were several weekends in which the weather did not allow the normal development of the activity and several pateros decided not to contribute more money and hope better luck for the next season.


1000 Miles Sport – a Rally in Paradise


Not everything changes. What is already a classic will continue and will not change. The race of the 1000 Sport Mills of the Argentine Republic became a tradition for auto collectors and is the most important in South America. From the 25th to the 29th of November this event was held since 1989 and is organized by the Sport Automobile Club (CAS). This is the last stage of the Argentinian Sport Historical Championship made by the Automobile Club Argentino (ACA).

Career. In total there are 156 binomials of thirty different brands that must cover 1,600 kilometers of the most beautiful landscapes of the Argentine south. The first part begins at the Llao Llao Hotel in San Carlos de Bariloche, passing through San Martin de los Andes, Seven Lakes Road to Villa La Angostura with the return. The second route goes back to La Angostura, then crosses the Chilean side about 60 kilometers to Puyehue, with the return. The third and final stage is until El Bolsn with the return.

Every year the route is usually the same, some places can be modified but always well paved roads are sought so that historical vehicles can travel the route without any inconvenience.

The important thing is not speed, but regularity. How is this? It is what is called certainty of passage. The competitors must pass 86 tests where the goal is not to be the fastest, but to know how to calculate the time that is given to carry a constant march – without stopping the car – and arrive with the least possible difference to the agreed. The margins of difference that usually have the competitors that are in the first positions are three or four hundredth of a second. The calculation should be almost accurate.

In order to participate the riders must have a special card issued by the International Federation of Old Vehicles (FIVA) certifying that the car is one hundred percent original factory, and was not modified in any of its parts. In many cases, the major automotive museums in the world such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Porsche among others, contributed their cars so that they can compete the collectors.

The Thousand Mile Sport of the Argentine Republic is one of the historical Sport car tests, which values the originality of the cars involved. The historic Sport car in general, does not have many items of luxury or comfort, but the pleasure of handling it as it was thought by its manufacturer, is what prevails, “says Diego Gutirrez Egua, president of CAS.

The Argentino Sport Championship is also made up of: the Rode de las Bodegas in Mendoza, where the main vineyards of the Argentine province are visited; Rally of the West Porsche, Rally of Winter and the Rally of the Sheep in Buenos Aires; the Rally de la Montaa in Crdoba; the Rally Interclubes that goes by Ezeiza and Cauelas; and the pre-1,000-mile Rally that takes place a few weeks before closing, where the pilots are set to finally go to Bariloche.

Also defined is the Triple Crown that is celebrating its 10th edition. It will be won by the one who has achieved the best performance between this race, plus the Rally de las Bodegas and Rally de la Montaa.

Corridors. This competition has a great international prestige, that is why pilots of other countries participate: of Uruguay aboard a Chevrolet Corvette of 1956; of Poland handling an Aston Martin 15/98 of 1937; three Italian couples competing with a Jaguar XK 140 from 1956, a Fiat Osca 1500 from 1959 and a Porsche 911 from 1973; of Germany will be Peter Englschall who will be the co-pilot of Conrado Wittstatt, general manager of Audi and participate in a Audi Quattro of 1983; Switzerland and the United States.

The maximum winner of this tournament is Juan Tonconogy with five wins and it was who stayed with the last edition in 2014.

There are many entrepreneurs who participate in the 1.000 Sport Miles: the former financier of the Plaza de Mayo Mothers Foundation Fernando Caparros along with Walter Cavagliato who are above an Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider of 1960; the steelmaker Maximo Baccanelli and Paula Baccanelli who will compete in the oldest car, a Bentley 3 liters of 1924, self remembered for winning the 24 hours of Le Mans and be considered the fastest car in the world in the twenties. Pharmaceutical entrepreneur Alejandro Roemmers will try to keep first place in a 1972 BMW 3.0 CSI.

Another runner who stands out is Juan Manuel Fangio, nephew of the eternal quintupled Formula One world champion, along with Patricia Gonzalez, who is on top of a Porsche 356 C of 1965. He will also have his journalism representative, on the one hand will be Mario Markic, driver of the program “En el Camino”, and on the other Matas Antico of TN Autos.

The 1000 Sport Mile is starting to organize since March as more than 350 people participate between runners and companions. It is the most important since it is the one that closes the competition of the year. Much of the proceeds from this event go to the Food Bank, the same goes for a school or foundation in Bariloche, Roby Cesar, organizer of the event and member of the CAS, explains to NEWS.


Muay Thai – The Dance of War


The paradisiacal beaches that surround the Gulf of Siam in Thailand at this time of year are covered by a gray sky and rainfall is more common than the sun’s rays.

However, the weather is not an impediment for the pupils of Petchsaman FC to train every day of the week the sport that excites them, Muay Thai. In this training camp, located in the city of Pattaya, is Miguel “the magician” Cmpora, a young Argentine who achieved his dream, to fight in the great leagues of Thai boxing: “Every time I go into the ring motivates me think of my family, my friends and that I will represent my country.

Then the rest comes out alone, “the fighter tells NEWS.His first match at the Max Muay Thai, the Asian country league that brings together the best boxers in the world, was as he had dreamed it. “My coaches told me that I should win by knockout because I was fighting against a local and winning by points would be very difficult to be a foreigner,” explained Cmpora. Within two minutes of the first round the Magician had managed to knock down his rival and get the victory.

Hits. Unlike traditional boxing, in the muay thai are used all the limbs of the body. It can be hit with the fists, elbows, tibias, knees and is used a lot the clinch (grip) with the objective to demolish to the adversary. Before the fight takes place each boxer realizes a particular dance called Wai Kru, translated like warrior dance that greets to the teacher. This is done to show respect towards the instructors, the opponent and the spectators.

The fashion that exists with combats of mixed martial arts or MMA also helped to expand this sport to national and South American level, since the fighters use it to a great extent in the foot confrontations.

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand. It arose when the Asian state was called Siam and was at war with neighboring countries like Burma or Cambodia. At that time it was a fundamental requirement that soldiers should be able to fight over short distances. This was where the techniques of martial art began to be drawn.

During the history of this sport stood out several fighters like: Samart Tiptarmai, for some the best boxer of all time; the Dutchman Ramon Dekkers, world champion on eight occasions, appointed ambassador of foreign fighters in Thailand; and the Thai Buakaw By Pramuk, among others. In the women excels Valentina Shevchenko of Kyrgyzstan nationalized Peruvian and world champion in five occasions.

A wrestler wins in the Asian country 7,300 bat (200 dollars) per confrontation. In a month they can put two or three fights, according to the intensity of each race. As they add wins and rivals are better, the sums can be raised to 2,500 dollars. Winning one of the first-line boxers can be worth $ 10,000 to $ 20,000. The aim of every muay thai practitioner is to compete in the Lumpinee stadium, run by the Thai army and symbol of the sport.

Local. In Argentina, Thai boxing was gaining a lot of fans in recent years and more and more boys are coming to practice it. One of its precursors and referents of the country is Miguel Carpinacci, president and founder of Muay Thai Argentina (MTA) and the South American Confederation of Muay Thai. Both depend on the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) that regulates this sport from Thailand. The highest body is the World Muay Thai Federation (WMF), chaired by Akachai Chantosa.

Every day, young people like Cmpora approach the MTA with a desire to compete nationally and internationally: “It is a great honor to see how the boys start from scratch, learn the techniques and then meet the best in the world to represent to the country, “Carpinacci told NEWS.

But not only do competitors practice, there are also many who use it as a therapy to combat stress, to stay in shape, helps to develop coordination of the body, improve reflexes, strength, endurance and power.

Women also come in large numbers to throw blows, although few are encouraged to compete. “The girls who train discover a physical activity superefectiva and gain much confidence to face life,” explains Romina Arana, instructor and teacher of Muay Thai.

As in any amateur sport of the country, the difficulty of the Argentine representatives is to pay the expenses of the trips that must carry out. There is no government support and sponsors are scarce. This causes not always travel the best, if not those who can afford their expenses through raffles, special classes, seminars or monetary help from people nearby.

Most fights do not have a prize and in many cases, registration is required to participate. To be a true “nak muay” (fighter) and live from the competition you need to try luck across the pond.

Despite these impediments, Argentina is one of the best South American countries alongside Brazil and Peru, but is still at a disadvantage compared to the level of Thailand or the states of the former Soviet Union.

Sebastin Calvo, Pan American Champion of the Pan American Muay Thai Union and South American of the South American Muay Thai Commission, tells NEWS: When the bell rings, you feel an adrenaline difficult to explain. You have the satisfaction to overcome yourself, take you to the limit and transfer it. You get into the ring one way and it goes down much stronger than before, regardless of the outcome of the fight.


After winning 650 million dollars – King Boxer Floyd Mayweather gets retired


I have had boxing gloves since before I can walk and I’ve been to gyms all my life, “says boxer Floyd Mayweather. The phrase describes its history and a lifestyle chosen to reach the highest and fulfill all that was proposed.

It’s not easy being number one and he did it. It remains open the discussion on whether his boxing figure is among the best in history.

Surely his villain role will deprive him of being on that podium, but it can not be denied that Floyd marked a time and will be remembered by the pugilistic world.

Of a particular style, for some moderate, for others of a superior intelligence, in its last disputes aroused some controversies. For Osvaldo Prncipi the best of Maywather has already been seen and will not be repeated: “His last great job was against Canelo lvarez. Then Maidana’s second fight, Pacquiao’s and Berto’s, became overly conservative. The best is gone and without fail, “he explains to NEWS.

Ernesto Cherquis Bialo, current president of the Union of Journalists of Boxing of the Argentine Republic (UPERBOX) defines him as a measured boxer: “he expected to attack him, studied the opponent and then launched his counterattack.”

The best He faced all of them, he lacked none: Canadian Arturo Gatti, Oscar de la Hoya, Mexican Juan Manuel Mrquez, Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto and Sal “Canelo” lvarez. He also had two contests with Marcos Rene “the Chinese” Maidana and he fought the Filipino Manny Pacquiao, in the papers the only one that could get him undefeated. No one was able to figure out, he beat them all and he fought in 49 fights and 26 KOs, matching the record of the historic Rocky Marciano.

For Cherquis Bialo, Floyd is an extraordinary boxer who is among the top ten in history: “He does not have the imprint of Cassius Clay, the speed of Sugar Ray Leonard, the combative spirit of Marvin Hagler, the coldness of Monzon or the quality of Thomas Hearns. But in the sixth place he could calmly be. ”
Principle puts it a little further: “There were supreme quality pundits such as Sugar Ray Leonard, Henry Armstrong, Willie Pep, Robert” Stone Hand “Duran, Thomas Hearns and Muhammed Ali.

Only in the next lot does he appear. ” Mayweather was champion in five different categories: super featherweight, lightweight, super lightweight, welterweight and superwelter at the World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Council (WBC) and International Boxing Federation (IBF). In his early days as an amateur he reached a record of 84-6 and was a semifinalist at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. “Very few boxers manage to move from one category to another undeniably winning all their bouts. Mayweather went from 57kg to 68kg “complete Principle.

Money. Floyd marked a trend thanks to his professional performances and did not stop bursting the box office. It is estimated that throughout his career earned more than 650 million dollars which makes him the best paid athlete of all time.

The fight with Manny Pacquiao is the biggest moneymaker in boxing history with a top $ 75 million box office and more than $ 300 million per Pay Per View ($ 100 per household) in the US alone , Puerto Rico and Canada. In total the fight generated 600 million of which were distributed 60% for Floyd and 40% for Manny. For 36 minutes of combat, Money took $ 235 million.

The second highest bout in the boxing world was also Mayweather but against Mexican Saul Canelo Alvarez in 2013 which raised $ 20 million in ticket sales and $ 150 million in PPV in the US alone. In the third location follows Floyd against Oscar de la Hoya where he was left with the WBC super welterweight title, the proceeds amounted to 18.4 million in innings and 136 million in PPV.

If you take into account the last bouts of number one, Floyd raised: with Shane Mosley 30 million dollars, with Robert Guerrero 50 million, two with Marcos Maidana 72 million, with Oscar de la Hoya 25 million, with Ricky Hatton 25 million , with Marquez 25 million, with Victor Ortiz 40 million, with Miguel Cotto 45 million and with Canelo Alvarez 75 million. The big disappointment was his last fight against Andre Berto, which was only sold to 550,000 houses.

The “Chino” Maidana was not the only Argentine who knew the fists of Mayweather. Gustavo Cuello faced him in 1998, Carlos R?os in 1999 and Carlos “Tata” Baldomir on November 4, 2006 where they sought the unification of the titles of the FIB and the WBC. The American took both belts by winning unanimously after the twelve rounds.

After these nine years that have passed the fight and I see the opponent that confronts me, it fills me with pride to have fought with one of the best boxers in history. Floyd is invincible, no matter how well prepared you are, you could beat him. I trained some time at his side and then I realized why he was a champion. You have to see it to believe it “, confesses to NEWS Baldomir, former world champion.

But Mayweather’s life was not always rosy, he had a tough childhood in Michigan with a heroin-addicted mother, an aunt who died from an overdose, and a National Champion father who had to withdraw for sarcoidosis to the lung. Years later Floyd’s father would serve a three-year sentence for selling cocaine.

His uncle Roger “Mamba Negra” was world champion between 1990 and 1980. He and his brother were in charge of training for much of his career to Money.

Floyd returned to jail in 2012 when he was sentenced to three months for beating his ex-wife Josie Harris in front of their three children: Koraun, Zion and Jirah. He also had a daughter with Melissia Brim, Iyanna.
Mayweather for the moment lowered the shade. For his career and performance throughout his career will become a paradigm for future generations who will try to imitate him professionally to become the new number one. For now, your place is vacant.


The Record Numbers of the Rugby World Cup


Let me be one with the earth. This is my earth, it vibrates. It’s my time, my moment. Our dominion, our supremacy will triumph and will reach the highest. Silver Fern, All Blacks! “Is the translation of the famous Haka.

New Zealand players are expected to perform their intimidating choreography against Argentina’s Los Pumas national team in what will be the debut of the national team in the VIII Rugby World Cup to be played in England, which will take place from 18 September until 31 October.The eagerly awaited euphoric season begins.

Times in which rugby experts are quintupled and where all, at least once, look at a whole match even without knowing much of the rules. But that is contagious by the claw and delivery that put players on the field.

The All Blacks are favorites to take the Webb Ellis Cup – name that receives the trophy in honor of the creator of this sport – and will seek to revalidate the tournament won on their lands in 2011, a difficult task that has yet to achieve any of the six previous champions. To reach the goal, New Zealand coach Steve Hansen included fourteen world champions 2011 in the final list of 31 players.

In addition to being crowned champions in the last edition, the All Blacks were left with the first rugby world championship disputed in 1987 in New Zealand and Australia. It is also who leads the World Rugby Ranking – formerly called IRB – since November 2009.

For the tournament that will begin in a few days, Hansen takes to its maximum figures like the opening Dan Carter, that after the world-wide one will join the French club Racing Metro by a contract of 1.3 million dollars, that is equivalent to 108,000 dollars by month, thus becoming the best paid rugby player in the world.

Also outstanding are the second line Brodie Retallick, chosen as the best player of 2014, and the wing Julian Savea that with its 1.93 m height and 108 kg, added to its great speed, is compared to the historic Jonah Lomu . To these we would have to add to the experienced Richie McCaw, who with 142 participations has the absolute record, Mealamu and Nonu.

In the maximum competition, the New Zealanders have several records: they have the largest number of converts in a match, 145 points to Japan in 1995. The most try (232) and conversions (173). Lomu holds the try record, a total of fifteen in two world appearances. All Blacks only depend on them.

Australia’s selection is another of the top candidates for the title, comes with a great deal of encouragement thanks to the Four Nations, the last tournament played before the World Cup and which snatched the All Blacks for the first time by achieving a 27-19 win in Sydney.

The Wallabies also won two world championships: the 1991 in England and the 1999 in Wales, as main venues (both on British soil).

Of the world’s top winners, perhaps one down the road is South Africa, but it is still a candidate for the World Cup. Thanks to the last triumphs of the Springboks before the world-wide they managed to enter the podium of the world-wide ranking to obtain the third position.

Finally, England will want to make its place. With a star to his credit La Rosa managed to reach the fourth place in the ranking in the last test mach before the World Cup after beating him in a fought match to Ireland. On the premises players like Dan Cole and Mike Brown stand out.


The upcoming World Cup numbers promise to be far superior to the previous seven editions. An investment of 517 million dollars is estimated in the thirteen stadiums in which the parties will be played, that are in ten English localities added to Cardiff -Gales-. As for the tickets already exhausted those of the semifinals and final with a record of 2.4 million tickets sold.

More than 500,000 fans in the UK are estimated to see their team and live the World Cup in the best way, creating more than 41,000 jobs so that everyone can spend an unforgettable stay.

To the Argentines the trip would leave more than 150,000 pesos between passage, hotel and stay. This figure would increase if Los Pumas managed to advance towards the last instances. The value of the tickets for Los Pumas vs All Blacks can range from the 195 euros to the 3.660 euros. A curious fact of the Spanish company, which is responsible for selling tickets, indicates that 56.8% of purchases are made by women, compared to 43.2% of men.

As for television, more than 20,000 hours of broadcasting are estimated in more than 205 countries on all continents, seeking to expand further in Asia, to capture interest and increase the audience with a view to the next World Cup in Japan 2019 .

All parties of the contest will be seen in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela and Uruguay who are waiting for the debut of their selected Los Teros.

In a year the number of fans of the Rugby World Cup increased to more than 500,000 followers in the social networks. England expects more than 3 billion dollars in profits, much of that money will impact the national GDP.


The Advance of Skateboarding


Skateboarding consists basically of performing different skating maneuvers that are born with the same creativity as the ones that practice them, ranging from body and board movements to interaction with stairs, ramps and railings.

Usually, skaters get together to practice on skateparks – public or private – where they learn the simplest tricks to later implement them in the city, which is called “street”.It is not just a sport, it is a universe of meanings.

A way of dressing, own vocabulary, common spaces and even an identity music. “It is a sport of personal self-improvement, where freedom is the main vehicle for its practice,” says Martin Pibotto, president of the Argentine Skateboard Association (AASK).

The range of ages of those who perform it goes from 5 years to 50, although the bulk does not exceed 30. Of course, it is almost land of men. At least for now.

To have a good table, this should be maple wood or watamboo, polyurethane wheels or some similar material and the bushings resistant to respond adequately to the abrupt maneuvers. “It is very common in pedestrians, sports houses and supermarkets to sell skates as professionals when they are not fit to practice this sport: low quality wood that easily breaks, plastic wheels and even upside-down trucks” warns Tobias Etchelet, a 23-year-old skateboarder who started more than a decade ago in this discipline.

Tobias sets the skateboard in pieces to choose the best elements. By its level in the tricks, the tables, however good they are, do not last to him more than 5 months because they are broken with the tricks. “In South America watamboo is used, which is heavier and less resistant, because the maple wood comes out twice”, he explains. It is also essential to make a good protection equipment because the falls are strong and frequent.

Sweet home California. The origin of the skateboard is in the Californian surf of the 60’s, where it was wanted to carry the logic of surfing in the waves on the mainland. At first, the material was fragile and rudimentary.

The skates were made with light and soft wood, with roller skates added. But over the years, the raw material was perfected and the sport began to expand, first in America and then in the world. “Ten years ago in the country there were only 3 public skateparks and very few skaters. Today there are generations of skaters who already have children who skate. Growth is exponential, “says Pibotto.

In 1995 the International Skateboarding Association (IASC) was created to bring together manufacturers of skateboarding supplies, organizers, private skateboard owners and skaters themselves. In 2004, the institution, already consolidated, declared on 21 June as the international day of skateboarding with the aim of encouraging skaters from around the world to share the hobby of this sport.

According to American Sports Data, the number of skaters in 2002 was already 13.5 million worldwide. Of these, 80% were under 18 and 74% were men. In the United States alone there are 6 million skaters today. “There is the epicenter of international skateboarding. It takes 10 years of advantage to Argentina. But the evolution of the sport in the country is shortening that distance in great strides, “he says.

In the country, the only national entity that represents the sport is the Asociacin Argentina de Skate, which was created in 2003 and functions as a federation. There is also a National Circuit of Skateboarding that runs through different public tracks throughout the Argentine territory in which tournaments are organized for beginners, amateurs and women. It uses a points system that creates a ranking in each category.

The professional level is very limited in Argentina and there are usually no more than 5 or 6 tournaments per year of that level. Brazil is the country of the region that is growing the most in this sport, to the point that has been measured side by side with the United States in the last international competitions.

“Living on skateboarding is a luxury that can be given very few skaters,” said Tobias, “and that is reflected in the low number of professional championships there are and the lack of endorsement they receive.” However, there are hundreds of lower level competitions organized by different groups. Generally, the money that finances the championships and events put the marks related to the skater world and the prizes are usually products, not money.

For Pibotto, the panorama is encouraging: “In the last 3 years, companies such as Nike, Sprite and Adidas have landed in our country with marketing, design and marketing offices for skateboarding. Last year, a world skateboarder, Tony Hawk, came and staged a demonstration attended by some 50,000 people. “

It is currently estimated that there are about 90 public and 12 private skateparks in Argentina. One of the most valued tracks, where this last Saturday was the tenth date of the national circuit, is the one found in Tecnopolis, which has 2070 meters of concrete.

Several municipalities have also allocated a portion of the budget to make skateparks in local squares. Nevertheless, Tobias warns that there is a great lack of knowledge on the characteristics that must have, reason why many are not used to practice the sport and until they end up being dangerous.


Trail Running and the Art of Escaping


Going to run, that toad that at one time had to swallow those who wanted to burn calories and improve arteries, has become an exciting and fun sport for everyone.

The TMX International Business group was one of those who found the missing spin by organizing trail running competitions or off road events, which consist of running through different types of mountainous terrain that mix adventure and landscaping.

The idea emerged 10 years ago as a corporate event and resulted in a phenomenon that continues to grow.Gestation. Mariano lvarez, Sergio Ochoa and Pablo Rodrguez Genta come from experiences as intense as consulting, marketing and advertising.

In 2004 they had the idea of associating and proposing the organization of a fun and exciting event to celebrate the centenary of Banco Galicia in the country. The managers were interested in the proposal that was made a year later with the first Team Marathon by Team Marathon X, company created for this purpose. The success was such that the race was continued for eight more years and society began to grow in the field.

Today, the professionalised TMX International Sport Business already organizes asphalt races as recognized as the 5 km women of Mc Donalds, the 10 km of Lanpass, the Global Energy Race of Bimbo and Disney Magic Run, that in the next 24 months will be made in 10 cities of the American continent.

However, the strength of the company is the off road segment or Trail Running, which consists of running through different types of mountainous terrain that vary in width, slope and type of ground. The circuits include gravel roads, crossing frozen waters, passing wires and rail bridges, among many other difficulties.

“We feel like a company dedicated to entertainment,” says the director, Mariano lvarez. “That’s why the spectrum of our customers is much broader than that of marathon runners.” People of all ages and regions are noted. 60% of the enrolled are men and the average age is between 35 and 45 years old. Many young people are also noted.

lvarez says that the growth of the female audience in running is one of the strongest trends. In fact, women are already the majority in the races of up to 10 km and they represent 40% of the races of 21 km, when until very recently they were only half.

Options. TMX carries out three competitions in the trail running segment:

1. Origin: 3 days race in Villa La Angostura, Neuqun, with two intermediate camps where the organization deals with everything (equipment, food, transfers, etc.) all-inclusive “of the trail run.You can run at distances of 50 or 100 km.The 2014 and 2015 editions have already been made. Next year will be during Easter.

2. Indomit: lasts two days and there are races of 12, 21, 50, 80 and 100 km. The first edition was made in Brazil in 2014 and there are already 3 more races scheduled for the next year and a half. One in Mendoza, another in Isla Margarita and the second Brazilian edition, to be held in November.

3. Patagonia Run Mountain Hardwear: is made once a year in San Martin de los Andes. It includes 6 different races in one that run the same day and range from 10 to 130 km. It is non stop, although a limit of 28 hours is set. While the former are receiving prizes within 24 hours of the start, the latter are just reaching the finish line. The last edition involved 3,000 people from 25 countries and 300 to 500 people were employed for the organization.

For the tourism manager of San Martn, Salvador Vellido, this race “It is a joint work between the public and the private that generates work, consumption and advertising”. In fact, the same organizers offered tourist packages that included lodging, transfers and discounts. In the 2015 edition, it is estimated that each visitor had an average expenditure of 4,000 pesos, reason why the city would have collected about 25 million.


The races are financed by the inscriptions and the sponsors. The prices depend on the length of the competition and the benefits that are offered to the participants. “We were innovative in many aspects like production, structures, the presence of live DJs, the use of screens and cutting-edge technologies for filming, security,” says the director of TMX. The company introduced the concept of “cardio-protected race,” which consists of doctors who ride a motorcycle on the road carrying a backpack with an automatic defibrillator.

In addition, the riders are required a medical aptitude for the registration of all distances, the evaluation of the sports curriculum for the greater distance, attendance to the technical talk prior to the start and basic elements of survival, such as whistle and frontal light . The idea is for the participant to be prepared mentally for the challenge. The dropout rate is low, between 2 and 3%.

During the competition, there are posts with hot and cold drinks, fruits, alfajores, empanadas and candies, among other things. There is also medical assistance, wardrobe system, rescuers every 6 kilometers and bandilleros every 2 or 3 km. The races are not suspended by rain, frost or snow. Only in case of thunderstorms or when there is danger to the runners.

The circuits are studied previously by specialists who are advised with settlers. “It is not a random path, it has a sense,” says the technical director of the last Patagonia Run, Dr. Marcelo Parada, “The idea is that participants, besides running, know different landscapes, terrain and difficulties during the competition” .

The public has become very demanding and values the organizational quality without sparing in expenses. In the last decade, this type of events has not stopped growing in quantity of brokers and suppliers. For lvarez, the phenomenon of the trail run “is not a fashion, it is a trend that does not go back. The mountain, they say, is a way out.


The Footballers who finish their race in Exotic Destinations


Players who until recently were struggling to win the Champions League, today they all share another totally different destination, Major League Soccer (MLS) of the United States.In the last time many stars of the football world choose more exotic destinations to continue or on many occasions, to finish their career.

The MLS, coupled with the league of Qatar, the Emirates and India, disburse millions of dollars in search of the highest figures and be able to promote the growth of the football in their respective countries.

Travel to the USA. MLS is one of the most successful leagues in recent years. Since the incorporation of David Beckham in 2007 to Los Angeles Galaxy, the list of renowned gamers has grown. With the advent of English, a new law was introduced in the League called Beckham Law, in which each team will have the possibility to hire three franchise players (the superstars).

The championship consists of groups (the East and West Conference) of ten teams each. Then it ends with the playoffs, until reaching the final that defines who is the champion of the MLS Cup. Anyone who knows the Major League well is Cristian Chaco Maidana, a former Banfield and Hurac n player, among other teams, who plays for the Philadelphia Union since 2014: The United States is a very good country to live with the family.

This is a league that grew a lot because of the arrival of great players. All are very professional ac, they take care of themselves more than in Argentina. What is different and is enough is the euphoria of the fans, says the NEWS flyer.

The comfort offered by the American country and the large sums of money that the clubs give are the perfect excuse for many players who play in the best leagues in the world to land in Yankee lands.

Robbie Keane, the former player of the Inter de Mil n Obafemi Martins (Nigeria), the Mexican Giovani dos Santos, can be added to the already named. And the Argentines Federico Higuain, Ezequiel Cirigliano, Diego V leri or the former champions of the Libertadores with San Lorenzo, Ignacio Piatti.